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Bullying Form

 District Calendar
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Students, please do not arrive at school until 7:30 am. The doors will not be opened until then. If you must arrive early then stand away from the doors so teachers and parents can enter. Thank you for your cooperation.

Blood Drive

Thank you to all that helped during the Blood Drive!! It was a HUGE success! ~~ STUCO


Be sure to check the scholarship page frequently!

Watch for Current News Here


There are Summer school forms in the office. If you have or are going to fail a class or owe time for missed attendance and plan on going to summer school, you will need to fill a form out in order to have bus transportation. It will be first come first served, please do NOT wait until it is too late to be on a bus!


Dairy Foods Team placed 16th out of 45 teams and earned a Group 2 rating. Freddie was 9th high individual.


If you see them congratulate them on a job well done!


Student Council scholarship essays are due to Mrs. Root by Tuesday, April 25th.


Grades go in this Friday (April 28)! Make sure to be talking to teachers and get your work turned in ASAP!


Humansville Band received a 1 at competition, the highest rating possible. Congratulations!!!


Grades go in next Friday, May 28! Make sure to be talking to teachers and get your work turned in ASAP!


Eldorado Springs

  • 1 mile Dustin Shoemaker : 2nd
  • 2 mile Dustin Shoemaker: 2nd
  • 4x400: 4th
  • 4x800: 3rd
  • High Jump - Karissa Coble: 2nd
  • Shot - Jacklyn Spicher:  4th
  • 100 meter - Cameryn Davy: 4th
  • 100m - Freddie Wieder: 2nd,
  • 1 mile -  Braeden Decker: 5th
  • 400m - Freddie Wieder: 3rd
  • 800m - Broque Decker: 2nd 
  • 200m - Freddie Wieder: 3rd
  • 4x400: 3rd
  • 4x800: 1st
  • Long Jump - Freddie Wieder: 4th 
  • Javelin - Hunter Swearingin: 2nd
  • 100m - Cameryn Davy: 3rd High Jump - Karissa Coble: 3rd
  • 4x8:  2nd
  • 2 mile - Dustin Shoemaker: 1st
  • 1 mile - Dustin Shoemaker: 4th



Cody Middleton

Cody Middleton

3rd place 1mile

1st place 800 meters

Sarah Webb 6th place 1mile

Dave Ramsey's $58,000 Financial Literacy Challenge for high school students is now open. The Challenge, sponsored by Churchill Mortgage, is a brief money survey and personal finance quiz. High school seniors have a chance to win one of FOUR $10,000 scholarships! Other prizes for underclassmen and additional scholarships for seniors are also up for grabs. 


Contact Mrs. Perkins for the link to enter.



Just a reminder! According to the Student Handbook, “Humansville operates a closed lunch, thus food from outside vendors (Polk Salad, Subway, Pizzas, Sonic, etc.) may not be brought during school hours unless prior arrangements with the office (Mr. Gallivan ) have been made”. Meals should be brought at start of the school day.

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Staff Shout-Out

I just want to give a BIG thank-you to David Jones. He happened to be in the room when he heard me discussing a problem about getting awards at the last minute for our Science Fair. He jumped right in and bailed me out. He has always been so good at fixing my problems as quickly as possible. I feel he went above and beyond the normal and I just wanted to say how lucky we are to have such a great servant on our staff. Thanks David!!!!~~ Mrs. Mabary

Friday and Saturday School Dates:


Friday School Dates 
April 28th
May 5th
Saturday School Dates
April 22nd
April 29th
May 6th

There will be no more chances to attend Saturday School. 

If you need to make up time and don’t attend any of these,  

you will be in Summer school.

Dodgeball Tournament Information

Dodgeball Tournament Information