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Weaubleau Tigers vs. Humansville Tigers

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Humansville School

     What it is? The goal of Pink Out is to raise awareness of all types of cancer, especially breast cancer in women. The Pink Out game is meant to honor victims, those who are currently battling cancer, and survivors of cancer.

     At the basketball game, athletes, students, and members of both communities are invited to wear Pink Out t-shirts to show their support. Also, during the night, victims, cancer survivors, and those with cancer will be recognized.

     A Pink Out t-shirt order form and a cancer survivor/victim recognition form are attached. These can be turned into Mrs. Root by January 19th. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mrs. Root. Humansville invites members of both schools and communities to come and show their support.




Watch for Current News Here


The following students need to pick up their FFA shirts: 

Short Sleeve:     $11.00

Long Sleeve: $13.00

  • Dylan Dollarhide                                                              
  • Brandon Wedge
  • Josh Rucker
  • Ashley Fleetwood
  • Jon Franse
  • Abby Burrow
  • Kody Deckard
  • Navianh Anderson
  • Justin Halbert
  • Ariel Culbertson
  • Lilly White
  • Mason Wheeler
  • Jordan Gammill
  • Ian Harjo
  • Raymond Foley
  • Levi Godat

Seniors: If you have a parent or grandparent that served (or is currently serving) in the military, see Mrs. Deckard for several scholarship opportunities.  


9-12th grades Students who want to practice for the ACT can use Study Island. Go to www.studyisland.com and log-in under the student section. Each student at Humansville has a Study Island login, so if you have forgotten your log-in or have not used Study Island please ask the office for your log-in information.


Then on the left hand side of the screen, click on the College Readiness link and then select ACT on the drop down menu. You can practice all four areas of Reading, English, Math and Science. This program is an excellent way to practice for the ACT and it can be completed at home or school. Please let the office know if you have any questions.


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 District Calendar
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Booster Club Hoodie Orders

The Booster Club is doing another order of the new hoodies. They are a soft orange color. They are $20 (size 2X and larger are $22). There is one on display in the elementary office if you would like to look at it!! Orders will be taken until February 3.