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Students of the Month
  • Tyler Myers
  • Kylee Proctor
  • Max Sloan
  • Reva Crawford
  • Aaron Hackler
  • Carson Moore
  • Nathan Webb


2020 - 2021 Student Council

  • Natalie Alvarado

  • Bella Hamby

  • Treven Henson

  • Chloe Keeling

  • Blake Luna

  • Maria Thomas

  • Aaron Hackler

  • Dezeray Zeilman

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Middle School Bulletin

SCHOOL DAY #158 of 160

  • If you owe hours and wish to sit in the office BEFORE school, it is your responsibility to show up by 7:30am and come to the office and sign in. This will result in 20 mins a day deducted from your time owed each day. 
  • Remember to turn in your library books. If you are not for sure what you are missing, stop by and find out!

  • All track students need to turn in their washed uniforms, hoodie, and sweats to either coach asap. The only exception is Gabbie and Maliah. Thanks!

  • Take steps to keep your Chromebook secure! If you step away from your Chromebook, you must log off to ensure no one can access your user profile. Just shutting the Chromebook does not log you off!
  • Due to Covid-19 , students are not allowed to ride a different bus to or from school. If you are staying with friends before school or going to friends after school then your parents
    will have to pick you up or take you. We can no longer allow you to get on other buses.
Have a Great Day!



Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


  • A limited number of Chromebooks may now be checked out from the library! The Internet will NOT be provided, so you will need the ability to connect to WiFi at your home for the Chromebook to work. These are intended to allow you to complete homework and NOT for playing games! School filters and user agreements still apply so make good choices. Chromebooks can only be checked out for one evening and then must be checked back in. If you do not return them, there will be a fee ($$$).
  • Be sure to check the wall in front of the HS office for Friday and Saturday school dates. This is also available on the front page of the website. If your attendance is less than 93%, you owe time and need to attend one or more Friday or Saturday schools. If you do not know if you need to make up time, come by the office and Mrs. Ramsey will help you.
  • Reminder: Water fountains are turned off only bottle fill is available, please bring a personal water bottle with your name to have with you.
  • Students are not to be in the hallways before 1st bell unless you have a pass from a teacher for a meeting or tutoring. Please stay in cafeteria, library or gym.
  • If you are going on a field trip YOU MUST fill out a PRE-APPROVED absence sheet and turn into the office BEFORE you leave. Forms are located outside of HS office.
  • Back packs and other items are NOT to be left on floor or on top of lockers at the end of day. Take your things home!!
  • If you want friends to ride the bus home with you then both yours and their parents need to call the school and let us know BEFORE 2 pm. Bus drivers will not let them on the bus without a note from the office.

Who Beat the Tiger This Month?

Beat the Tiger graphs will be updated at the beginning of each month.  When the month changes, look to see if your class Beat the Tiger for attendance and having no D's or F's!

Grade No F's
6th Grade

77% No F's


Mrs. Frazier will be getting you popcorn for your victory celebration.